Ch. 24: Free Your Mind

A flash of white streaked impossibly fast across the shadow of darkness and was gone before any mortal eyes could register whether they’d really seen anything in the sky at all.  Eric was digging deep within his powers, attaining more frightening speeds than he’d ever managed.  He was up high, slicing through all but the thinnest atmosphere.  The satellites keeping constant vigil over this little planet would register him as a meteorite.  No manmade crafts could fly in this barely nonexistent air.  The paper pushers and number crunchers scurrying underground in government bunkers were used to disregarding objects at these altitudes, he reasoned, so long as he kept moving in a fairly straight arching trajectory.  The air popped suddenly around his torso as he broke the speed of sound.  Again.  In the back of his mind he knew it should scare him, but it didn’t.  It felt fucking good.  Bending the space and air around his preternatural flesh felt as angry and destructive as he did at present.  Flying wasn’t so much about willing one’s body do something as it was allowing one’s power to seethe out and reject the world around you, like trying to squeeze two magnets of the same polarity together and allowing the natural repulsion slide you through space.  He pushed harder and harder, building up the fiery friction between his body and the howling wind until his clothes began to shred and then melt from the heat.

Yes, he thought.  Disintegrate in the face of my power, you weak, organic, corrupted things!  Die!  Only I am immortal!

 Running from a fight was one thing, but confronting Godric’s distress was an entirely different matter.  It was irrelevant that his maker had closed his end of the bond down.  Or perhaps it was precisely because he had that Eric needed to escape.  He could not bear how crippling his anxiety for his maker had grown.  Emotions are shackles, he reminded himself.

Far below his target came into view and he sent himself spiraling down like a deadly torpedo, head first, laughing like a madman the entire way.  As the earth rapidly rushed towards him he threw all of his energy at the ground to halt his descent.  The amount and length of such G-force would have exploded every blood vessel in a human’s brain.  It only disoriented him slightly, more like having a buzz, and he miscalculated his landing.  Woops!


 The heavy body of a tall blond vampire smashed through the skylight of an elegantly appointed sitting room.  Anouk glanced up from her regency style writing desk to see her intruder, half-clad in annihilated clothing and covered in small lacerations, sprawled across the floor on a pile of glass and twisted metal.

“Eric Northman,” she said with an impish twist of amusement in her mouth.  She scratched out a few more lines of the letter she was working on before standing to welcome her uninvited guest.

Anouk’s beauty was renowned.  Pale-skinned and doe-eyed, her near black hair furled down over her shoulders in a stylish bouffant.  She had the exotic, dainty looks of a French starlette, and certainly she boasted the wardrobe and refined affectations of one.

Anouk edit


“To what to I owe the pleasure?”  She took a seat on a fainting couch, her long bias cut silk peignoir pooling and cascading around her.

Eric ruffled the glass particles out of his long mane.  Looking up at the sizable hole he’d left in the roof of her Montreal apartment, he started laughing uncontrollably again.

“Good evening, my lovely Anouk.  I couldn’t possibly trouble you for a robe, could I?”  She rang a bell for her maid and asked the woman to find something for Mr. Northman to wear.

Soon they were chatting easily while Eric caught her up to speed on events in the lower 48 states.  The red satin robe fell preposterously short on him, but by the way he leaned back on the couch, legs crossed, you might have thought he was wearing a tuxedo.

“My goodness.  Such cowboys you Americans all are!  Nothing but banditry and bar brawls and shoot outs.  You shouldn’t be called regents – you’re all sheriffs in the wild west if you ask me!”

Eric snorted.  Sheriff Northman, indeed.  He pictured himself sporting a heavy revolver and a ten gallon hat.  He’d look good in a vest and badge, he decided.  He filed the thought away for its Halloween potential.

“Listen, how would you feel about a little role play?”

In a blur she was straddled across his lap, whispering hotly in French and caressing his chest.

“Oh Viking, you know you’ve kept me waiting too long!  The second I saw you smash through my window, I hoped you were coming here to take me up on my offer!”

Eric caught the petite vampire by her throat and pushed her away from his face before she could settle her lips on his.

“I was not suggesting that.”

Mais non?” she said in confusion.

Non, Ani.”

She was crestfallen and slid off his lap.  “Then you owe me a fucking skylight.”

“But of course.  Send the bill to my day man.  Feel free to add in the cost of this dashing robe.  I think I’ll keep it.”  He fingered the delicate neckline teasingly.


Anouk growled in frustration.  “And to think I actually thought you might be here for something other than your own gain.  What do you want?”

Eric turned on the charm and drew a thumb over her pouting bottom lip.  “It’s not you, my beautiful, it really is me.  I have blood bonded with the most extraordinary woman.”

“A woman?  Not a human woman, surely!” she said incredulously.

“Yes.  She is divine.  You will love her too.”

“Too!?  You don’t actually mean…”


“Shut up!”

“Godric as well.”

Anouk blinked hard in astonishment.  She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  Two of the most feared and respected vampires in existence were fawning over a human woman?  What had the world come to?  Her dearest Godric, one of her closest friends and occasional lovers, was gaga for a breather?  He’d always selfishly kept his progeny from her, making one excuse or another for why she shouldn’t sleep with the blond (whose legendary bedroom talents no doubt were at least in part acquired his skillful master).  Now it seemed as though a human had taken them both off the playing field for her.

Poutain,” was all she could manage to get out. [Damn].

“Look, I came because I want you to do something for me.”

“What a surprise.”  Anouk got up dramatically and lit a cigarette in a long gold holder.  It was an eccentric and pointless habit.

“Come to Duluth with me to negotiate with the weres.  We’ll pretend we knew their ancestors long ago and we’ll sympathize with their territory problems.”  Eric delved into the details of his proposed ruse.

Finally, after a lengthy discussion, Anouk shrugged.  “Why should I do this thing for you?”

“It means you get to bask in my glorious presence a while longer.”

She socked him hard in the shoulder.

“Mmm.  A little to the left?  That muscle is a bit stiff after my landing.”


For a long while, Lillian and Godric simply sat in silence.  The weight of his words clung in the air.  He stared down at the floor between his knees and she watched the licking flame of one of the candles on the coffee table.

Eric was right all along, Lillian thought.  There was nothing to say to Godric’s long tale.  She didn’t need to ask any questions.  There was no need to drag this history around any more than Godric already had.  It was what it was – ancient history.  Eric might have been completely out of line threatening her, but he knew exactly what he maker needed.  Thankfully, so did she.

She stood, stretched, then took Godric by the hand and gestured for him to get up.  She grabbed the throw off the back of the couch and led him to the back door.

“What are you doing?” he asked, slightly confused by her reaction.  He’d never heard Lillian not give in to her instinct to ask a million questions.

She turned and stared him dead in the eye with a very serious look.  “I’m taking you outside under the beautiful sky tonight and I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.”

Godric didn’t try to hide his astonishment.


“No more talking.”

“Don’t you even want to…”

“No,” she said firmly.  “I will only say this once, Godric, so listen carefully.  I am so terribly sorry for all that you have had to endure.  You already know through the bond how every bit of it made me feel…”

“I never expected human tears.”

“Exactly.  So don’t think for one second I mean this callously.  I say this because I love you and I love Eric and we need you and only want your happiness.  But have you ever considered that you might just need to get the fuck over it?”

“Excuse me?” Godric said defensively, automatically dropping fang.

Lillian smirked and tossed the blanket over her shoulder.  “Case and point.  You’re very attached to seeing yourself through the shittiest things in your life.  Maybe you need to question why you feel so threatened by the prospect of letting it all go.  What could you possibly stand to lose?”

She took both of his hands in hers.

“Those may be your worst experiences and of course they shaped you in significant ways, but you forgot to mention everything else in between, never mind all that is to come.  We all make terrible mistakes and everyone experiences betrayal one way or another.  No vampire worth his salt would live as long as you without some serious fucking baggage.  It’s awful baggage- worse than any I could have imagined.  But it’s done now.  You gain nothing by being committed to this anguish.  That’s how I see it: you’re committed to seeing yourself through the worst in your life when to only serves to eclipse all the rest.  That’s the biggest injustice yet.  Just imagine, what might your story look like if you insisted on explaining these same secrets through the best events you’ve known?  If you saw your challenges only for the opportunities they presented?  What kind of radical freedom and peace of mind might that give you?  Going forward and living your life without letting this stuff serve as the ruling sign in your fate will be your greatest victory yet.”

“Huh.”  Godric was simultaneously confounded and amazed at her thoughts.  He needed to think it over.  No one but Lillian would ever have had the gall to call him out quite like that.  Eric will be appalled, he smiled inwardly.

“I…I have never considered it like that.”

“Well, welcome to the 21st century, where the only Latin we know is illegitimi non carborundum’!  [Don’t let the bastards grind you down!]  Now come on.”


 Outside, cicadas rasped and peepers creaked their happy odes to the night.  The heat of the day had dissipated, leaving only a pleasant warmth and humidity.  Night-blooming jasmine was planted somewhere nearby and it perfumed the evening with its decadent scent.  Lillian spread the blanket out in the thick blades of St. Augustine grass and patted the spot at her side.  Godric spread out next to her.  She let her gaze roam hungrily over his body, then cupped his face.

“So beautiful,” she murmered.  “You are so exquisitely handsome.”

Godric’s eyes softened for the first time in hours.  She kissed him with the lightest brush of her lips and tongue, leaving him reaching up for more.  Repeating the action, she put a little more pressure into it before pulling away again.  The teasing, delicious play of their mouths soon had them gasping.  Lillian straddled him and pulled his sweater off in a single yank.  Her hands were immediately all over his chest, running over his washboard abs and tight, sexy waist.  He was good enough to eat.  The errant thought reminded her of drinking from his neck and it made her clench between the legs.  Her arousal was nearly as evident as his.  She couldn’t help but focus her kisses on his gorgeous tattoos.  Probably every bimbo that ever got this close to him did the same thing, but she could care less.  He was hers now and it was such a turn on.  She pulled off his pants, taking his underwear along with them and letting her nails drag down the length of his legs.  She licked and nibbled every inch of the V that defined his torso before taking his rock hard cock in her mouth.  He moaned and she let her free hand wander to pinch his nipples.  He loved a bit of delicious pain to heighten his pleasure.  Lillian paused, giving him a devilish smile, then sucked on two of her fingers.  She resumed working his thick shaft and started massaging his tight little ass, slipping a finger in.  Godric let out a little yelp and looked up, a single eyebrow raised in amused surprise.  Then he spread his legs wider to give her better access.


He nodded rapidly and she obliged.  She’d never tried this, but she’d had a sneaking suspicion he would like it.  Most men were too insecure about their bodies or their sexuality to allow it.  How silly.  Soon he was grasping at the grass, desperate to hold on to something as he felt the enormous wave build in him.  She stroked his rigid p-spot in time to the swirling motions of her tongue and she quickly had reduced him to a writhing, shaking mess.  Before long he said something incomprehensible in a long moan and clasped onto the back of her head, rocking against her as he spurted hard, over and over again.  He’d barely gone half soft before he began once more to move under her touch.

“How much time until dawn?” she asked.

“Three hours,” he said automatically.

“Then you better hold on, sweetheart.”  She stood and peeled off her clothing slowly before him.  His lips parted as he scented her, eyes dilating to take every bit of her in.  Settling down on top of him, she slid him into her wetness and rode him.  Lillian wasn’t gentle – she didn’t have to be – and he loved it.  He stroked her beautiful, swollen clit and he could feel in the bond how quickly it undid her.  Nothing was more erotic than losing yourself in the pleasure of one’s blood bonded.  As she came for the first time, she bit his neck roughly and it drove Godric wild.  He wanted to feed her again.  Fuck it.  He wanted her to practically drain him.  He wanted….

“Oh gods!” he growled as the thought made him explode into her.  He sat up, his wanton, sexy woman wrapped around his waist.  They were both clinging to each other, trembling.  She kissed him passionately, giving him a quick minute to recover, then started riding him again.

“Lily, darling, lover…” he chanted.

“I’m not going to let you rest until you come at least three more times tonight.  Now, next time you’re going to feed.”  A dark, heated look took over and he flipped her onto her back, taking charge.

He relished the heat of her body and how receptive she was to his girthy cock.  He loved that a single, smoldering look into her eyes made her sweet pussy clench like a vise around him and cry out his name.  He drove into her with long, hard strokes, pulling out tantalizingly slowly until they were both in a complete frenzy.  Unleashing his feral side on her only heightened her excitement and his hands and mouth seemed to be everywhere.

“Mine!” he snarled, pinning her to the ground with his length and greedily pumping into her.  “Say it!” he ordered huskily, nipping the tender flesh of her earlobe.

“I’m yours!”

He worked himself in her and dragged his fangs over her exposed throat.  “Again.”

“I’m yours,” she cried out, grinding herself against him, desperate for him to continue.

“Tell me!”

“I’m yours, always!”

He abandoned himself to his dark need to possess her fully, mark her, and began moving at impossible speeds, alighting her whole body with the sort of vibration no toy could ever hope to mimic.  Sinking his fangs into her neck, Lillian lost herself in such a powerful orgasm that she nearly blacked out.  Her pleasure quickly sent Godric over the edge.

Lost in a tangle of limbs and moans, their passion played out under a canopy of stars and it was divine, just as she promised.  Only when the first mourning doves began to woo each other and the cardinals started to chirp did they stir.  Godric picked up his love with the blanket wrapped around them and carried her downstairs to his underground lair.  It was the first time they had been intimate just the two of them together and it was very special to him.

Exhausted and happy, Lillian kissed him softly and whispered, “I love you, Goðrìk, and I always will.”

“And I you, Lily…always…”

Sleep came to her quickly.  She was soon so lost in mist of busy dreams that she never felt herself being gently nudged over, nor did she feel the mattress shift with the weight of a tall body.



    • melusine10

      Thanks so much! I get tired of self-indulgently mopey Godric and always want someone to tell him to snap out of it! Just because he’s ancient and highly respected doesn’t mean someone shouldn’t tell him to cut the crap. 🙂

    • melusine10

      Yes! I will! I know it’s been a long time (gack, a year now) since I’ve updated this, but I won’t ever abandon it. It’s my first fic and has a very special place in my heart. I’ve got most of the next chapter done and I figured out the end, so it’ll get there one of these days!

  1. VictoryInTrouble

    This is perfect! And I agree with you about someone needing to tell Godric to get over it. It’s like he needs permission to forgive himself. I think he will be fine and hopefully Eric, too, since he seems to be more shaken up about it. This story is completely awesome and I can’t wait for more! I don’t even miss Sookie, lol!

  2. nukemlee

    Just found this story, and I LOVE IT! I have never been one for OC bylines, but this one hooked me right in. You have to continue this story. It is that good.

  3. melusine10

    Oh my god – I just saw that I had these comments on “Such Stuff” and I have no idea why I haven’t received notifications!?!? Vic, Tiffany, and Nukemlee, thank you for your posts! I know it’s been horrifically long (1 year and months counting…hides face in shame…) since I’ve updated this story, but I DO know how it ends and I’ve every intention of finishing it. I’m so thankful that you would read these simple words and find them interesting. Thank you, and I’ll try to update just as soon as Into the Mystic is done.

  4. Kellie Dianne Ashby

    I reread this captivating story again! I agree Godrik needs to get over it and move on. I love this Godrik it’s how I think he would be. I search for stories and authors that catch my attention on various sites. This work screams for completion. I have an idea that Marduks maker who is even more ancient than he contacts Godrik to help maybe a female? Just an idea I was kicking around in my head. Regardless I await your updates.
    Much respect,
    Kellie A.

    • melusine10

      Kellie – You’re right, it does scream for completion, as all stories do. One day. It’s not a promise, it’s a guarantee. I won’t give any spoilers about Marduk or the ending, but portions of it have been written and we’re actually only a few chapters out from the end. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

  5. galwidanatitud

    i was still recovering from reading Into the Mystic when i decided to re-read this story. you do have your way with words. i am still holding the highest of hopes that you will be inspired enough to finish this story soon. *crossing all fingers and toes* hehehehehe 😀

    • melusine10

      Thank you, truly. I go back to this – my first attempt at fanfic – and often shudder at some of the mistakes and choices I made in my first attempt at writing, but I learned a lot from it. Finishing is literally not a question of inspiration, it is a question of time. Right now I have about an 80 hour work week. I wish that was some sort of exaggeration, or that it meant I was fabulously wealthy, but the truth is quite the opposite. I write ITM in the few hours I steal from my own sleep. I have really high hopes that I’ll have time this summer to complete this story. Thank you for being such a faithful reader, and I’m super flattered that you would reread anything I’ve put down on the page. ❤

  6. femmecreatif

    This was your first story – really?!? I was up til midnight reading and the only reason I didn’t finish then was that I wanted something to look forward to this morning. I was captivated by how you wrote Godric, Eric and Lilliana’s characters and with such a sense of humor! But also the depth of your insights into human/vampire nature. I very seldom write an author but you and your stories are very special, so please keep it up! Please, please, please.

    • melusine10

      Hi FemmeCreatif! Thank you for leaving a comment, especially since you say you’re not one to do often do so. Summer is finally here and I’m extraordinarily happy to report that I’m going to have some free time to finish this and the rest of my stories. Stay tuned!

  7. andrea

    Hello Melusine, I thought I should remind you that summer it is … and keep you to your promess to finish your story !! You have created a completely different version of Eric and Godric previous stories telling, and I came to appreciate their love nest with Lillian. I know that RL can be a bitch, but once you started posting again, the other chapters will flow in …. crossing fingers right now ! Courage, ma belle !

  8. melusine10

    Thanks, Andrea. I was actually just working on Ch. 25 yesterday. My writing has been really sporadic as RL kind of decided to warp jump on me. I’ve also been extremely découragé about my stories, so your support means a lot. ❤

    • andrea

      Melusine, I’m so waiting for your next chapter now.
      The more you write the better it becomes … Go, girl, go !! You haven’t received a lot of feed back yet ? wait until your story is completed … all the comments came in with the last chapters, which means that people were following you, chapters after chapters, without commenting before you stopped. I often put my comments at the end of the story. Your fic is very different from other TB fanfics (no Soo-kee to start with, which was a hudge discrepancy and probably a big “no-no” for some out there, no to mention the threesome : how great was that for a sex-change :-)) and some readers need first to see where you’re heading-ending with this story right now. Lillian is an interesting character, better educated and sexually more mature, which is why you could depart from the usual basic storyline here. It’s a welcome attempt to provide us with an alternative version of TB and CH’s books … It opens great possibilities and new (blood) vision to other TB fanfics writers in order to explore different paths for the future. I would love to see more of Eric interacting outside the usual “Sookie-Bill-Eric” triangle … so “Lillian-Godric-Eric” was a brilliant idea to start with, and you should inspire others to depart from the usual mind frame … and feed us with something fangy, new and exciting as well !!
      It worked so far with Eric’s human stories ….some of them are just amazing !
      I understand that you have already written the end of “Such stuff as dreams are made” (great title by the way)
      Right now, I’m looking forward for :
      – trouble in paradise
      – more politics
      – big fights
      – danger and angst
      – strong magic involved
      – amazing sexual climaxes
      Just another day in our Viking’s life I guess …

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