Ch. 20: Wicked Things

A/N: Please be AWARE – this chapter is one tall glass of serious adult lemonade. The M rating is for a reason. There’s nothing I would consider actual slash in this, as similar situations have already been presented earlier in the story, but if you think that two male bodies in the same room counts as a titch slashy, then you’ve been warned.

The next evening Lillian awoke nestled between two cool bodies in the darkness of the master suite. There was a hand on her neck. She opened her eyes and was met by Godric’s gaze.

“Hi,” she said, slightly croaky.

“Hi,” he responded, his head propped up against his hand. He’d been watching her.

“You didn’t wake me up when you came home. When did you get in?”

“Late.” He stroked her neck with the sensitive tips of his fingers, relishing the feel of the artery pulsing deliciously under his light touch. He gave her a sweet smile.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Me too.” Lillian stretched and let out a large yawn. “Really well.”

One of the medieval style chandeliers had been left dimly illuminated, bathing the room in an orange glow. In this faint light she could see his hair was tousled. It was disarming how rakishly young he could look sometimes, especially like this. She ran her fingers through the thick strands, taming it.

Godric sunk back down into the pillows. He let his eyes roam over her contours, taking in the way her hardened nipples pushed against the thin fabric of the t-shirt she had worn to bed. His scent and Eric’s tangled promiscuously all over her soft skin.

Hunger. The thought slipped out and hit her, causing her to flinch. Her eyes grew wide.

“Oops,” he whispered, not sounding remotely apologetic.

“Hey!” She poked his bare chest under the covers.

He ran his thumb roughly over her jugular and down into the hollow of her throat. She could see his eyes dilate into dark pools.

“Eric’s not awake yet, hon…He wouldn’t…”

In a sudden, single striking movement, Godric had rolled over her, pinning her down by the wrists. His muscled body was impossibly firm, immeasurably strong.

“He wouldn’t what?” he hissed.

She took inhaled as slowly as possible, not daring to move lest she further rattle his prey drive. “He wouldn’t want to be left out.”

He dipped down and took in her scent deeply from the crook of her neck. It made his mouth water.

“Would he stop me if he was?” he whispered huskily.

“I…you should…we…” she squeaked.

Kneeling over her like this, he looked every bit the trickster demon – savage and masculine. He bent down millimeters from her mouth.

“Such wicked things we could do in the dark, Lily…would you want him to stop me?” The words ghosted over her lips like the promise of a kiss. She let out a little gasp and closed her eyes. She couldn’t stop her body’s reaction and she knew it was only making him wilder by the second. Within the bond a feral, dangerous heat ricocheted between them.

“Lillian,” his voice was thick and seductive. “Tell me now. Would you..want…me to stop?”

Her heart was pounding in her throat and there was no ignoring the throbbing wetness building between her legs. God help her treacherous, desirous body.

“It’s your blood…” she tried to squeak.

“Shhhtsk, tsk, tsk. The blood, my beautiful girl, doesn’t change your emotions. You know that.” Godric pulled her by the left wrist and flipped her over onto her stomach. He ran his hands up her arms and pressed himself against her, only the thinnest veil of fabric keeping them apart. Sliding the neckline of her t-shirt down over her shoulder, he planted a soft kiss on the bare skin he’d revealed. Then, pushing her hair to the side, he kissed the spot on her neck she’d revealed was ticklish. He let his fangs drag over it, sending shivers to her most intimate parts. Her resolve was rapidly melting away under his touch.

Laying down so that he was now between her and Eric, he rested his head next to hers, their noses nearly touching.

“I need to tell you something.” He licked his lips.

She had no idea what was going to come out of his mouth. His end of the bond was completely indecipherable.

“Okay,” she said hoarsely.

He softed her long mane of hair down her back and started rubbing little circles on her bared shoulder. For a long moment he focused on this little act, almost mesmerized.

“It is unnatural to be apart from one’s bonded.”

“Okay. I’m right here. You’ve got me.” She decided to risk moving and reached for his hand.

He looked at her and sucked at his teeth, trying to find the right words.

“I need you.”

“I’m here for you.”

“I need you in every possible way. I’m desperate for you. That is what being bonded to you makes me feel.”


“Desperate…” he whispered. The word made her clench between the legs. He leaned forward and kissed her gently at first, then with more fire.

Abruptly, he let go and in a blur was on the far side of Eric. He stroked his cheek and his arm several times, trying to get him to wake, then rapidly whispered something inaudible into his ear. A devilish smile crossed Eric’s face and his eyes shot open. Godric rumbled in a low growl and caressed the length of Eric’s chest, letting his nails bite into his flesh. Eric let out a growl himself. If he hadn’t been awake before, he was now. Good god, they were both going, eyes fixed upon the quivering, aroused human next to them. Lillian lay there completely unsure of what was about to happen. What did she even want to happen!?

Godric pulled at the sheets and raised an eyebrow at her. He drew them back further and gaped his mouth open in feigned shock, making her blush. Then he pulled them off entirely, revealing all of Eric’s delicious physique. He lay there splayed out like a profane marble statue wearing only a saucy, fanged grin.

Godric casually rose and sat down in one of the chairs by the little sitting area in the corner of the room.

He cocked his head and smiled. “Why don’t you please him?”

Lillian hesitated, her heart racing, eyes wide. Eric bit his bottom lip and gave her a pleading look.

“Yeah?” she asked him in confirmation. He blinked slowly and nodded in encouragement. She kissed him and ran her hands over his preposterously gorgeous body, then sat back on her ankles and looked at the Celt.

“Go on.”

“You like watching,” she said.

He merely smiled mysteriously and shrugged.

She forged a trail of kisses down Eric’s chest and belly, then cupped his hefty balls, making his shaft bounce. She teased the tip of him before taking as much of his length into her mouth as she could. He took an unnecessary breath, but didn’t cry out.

“Faster,” Godric ordered.

Eric gasped and grabbed the iron railing of the headboard, taking in sharp breaths. His eyes were locked with Lillian’s. He tore at the fitted bedsheet, shredding it. She was relentless.

Suddenly, Godric was at her shoulder with a hand, stilling her movement, stopping her from obliterating the Viking. He wove a chilly arm around her belly from behind and pulled her close, tugging at the hem of her shirt.

“Eric wants me to take this off. And I want to take it off. Will you permit me?”


He nodded enthusiastically.

“Seriously. You’re okay with this?” she asked incredulously. Another vigorous yes.

“So what, you’re not going to talk at all?”

He shook his head no.

Godric chuckled deeply into the back of her shoulder and nipped it bluntly. “He can’t talk, darling, and he can’t touch, unless told otherwise.”

“Oh?” she inquired, half turning to him.

“Yes, and I can only say and do what he tells me to do through our bond, and even then only if you agree, otherwise it nulls the maker’s command I’ve just placed on him. Those are the rules.”

“Is that so?” she said with genuine shock. “And what are my rules?”

“Your rule,” he whispered, his lips brushing against her ear, “…is that there are no more rules,” making her weak in the knees.

Lillian tried to sort herself out and cleared her throat. “So if I want to, say, go have a sandwich and tell you two to dream on, then fine?”

Eric nodded, grinning.

“He says ‘But you won’t.'”

She felt Godric’s fingers trace the tender skin of her belly as he ran a possessive hand over her throat.

“Eric, what do you want from this?”

“No, Lila. Tell us what you want, goddess. We are yours.” So strange, hearing Eric’s words through Godric’s mouth.

“He’s pushing a memory at me. It’s dark and you’re at the Treehouse. ‘Be careful what you wish for’ he says. Something about…hmm…about ‘drop dead gorgeous warrior king sex gods’? Am I getting that right!?”

Lillian threw her head back and laughed. These two ancient men were waiting with bated breath for her attention, prostrate for whatever gifts she might offer them. It was an exhilarating, deeply empowering realization. Her demons, indeed! Clever, cunning, wicked vampires – using a maker’s command to bind each other so that she was in control. She wondered which one of them cooked up this idea, or whether they had planned this together.

What took hold of Lillian next, she couldn’t say. Flying leaps, no?

She raised her arms, letting Godric slide the shirt slowly, tantalizingly slowly, over her skin, leaving a burning trail of sensations.

Eric could have wept at the sight of her gorgeous body shadowed by his maker’s. The bonds between all three were saturated, ablaze with an all-consuming passion.

“Hmm,” Lillian wondered aloud, weaving behind Godric’s back, letting her fingers trace the curve of his inked collarbone. Her fiery touch elicited a moan from him.

“You said you were hungry, Godric?”

“Yes,” he swallowed instinctively.

“You told me you like my blood full of pleasure.” She whispered hotly at his back.

“Yes,” he gasped, throwing his head back, begging old gods to give him the will to keep still. She licked the dark serpent inked between his shoulders up to the base of his neck and bit him there. He cried out in a lost language, grabbing hold of his own wrists, biceps flexing hard.

“Lover…!” Eric shouted quickly, lunging forward. Godric was forcing him to explain – immediately.

“You’re playing with fire. Gods…Even he has a limit! Please…”

“Oh yeah?” She walked around him saucily as though possessed, dragging a sharp fingernail across his flesh, over his hard nipples. She was surprised to see him shiver.

“Please, what? What does Godric need?” She spoke to him as he had to her, teasing him with her lips just barely over his mouth.”

He was panting in ragged breaths.

She kissed him lightly, leaving him shaking. He was nearly crushing his own wrists to stay in place.

Calm, she pushed at him. Restraint.

“Restraint my dead ass! Lillian, you should silver me. Silver me if you’re going to play with me like this! It’s safer!” he begged. Eric was poised to dash out to find the necessary equipment.

“Never,” she whispered, stroking his handsome face in the dim glow of the room. She licked the length of a long fang, testing to see if he responded as Eric did.

“Ahhh!” he moaned.

Make YOU come with a kiss she thought at him darkly, enjoying her revenge for toying with her as he had.

“You fiend,” he hissed at her.

Eric snapped at him and pointed in warning. That slip nearly voided his command on Eric. Neither wanted to stop their game.

“Fiend, is it?” Lillian raised an eyebrow. She bit her lip and let a hand snake under the waistband of his boxer briefs. She couldn’t help her curiosity. “Oh, my!” she gasped, genuinely shocked at his girth. “My, my, my!…And mine…!” she growled at him. “Namecalling will get you nowhere, Celt. For that you have to let Eric loose.” She turned her back to him and leaned against his chest, not releasing her hold on his very hard member. Godric moaned in agreement and wrapped an arm around her shoulder for support as she worked him.

At his word, Eric practically pounced on Lillian, so maddeningly turned-on was he by being restrained through the invisible ligatures of his maker’s command. Shredding yet another pair of very expensive lace underwear, he knelt before her and devoured her delicious folds. The moment he curled his fingers into her, she instantly exploded.

Lillian grabbed Godric by the hair and pushed him to her neck, still pumping him hard with the other hand. He bit down, holding onto her for dear life. Her hot fluid poured over his tongue and he came in long, hard spurts with a bellow, sending them toppling backwards onto the floor.

She felt the sudden crush of cool, silken skin all around her, arms and mouths seemingly everywhere. Eric fell between her thighs, pounding her and calling out in Old Norse until they both came in a hot frenzy. The world arched and shattered into skipping pieces as Lillian felt the exquisite sting of pearlescent teeth pierce into her very essence.

Her body still suspended in rapture, Eric scooped her up and carried her back to the bed, Godric following close behind. They collapsed into a tangled pile, both kissing and caressing her, cooing words of adoration. As Godric healed the punctures on her neck, his foot found its way over Lillian’s ankle and he edged her legs apart. Then, slipping a knee over her thigh, he exposed her even more.

“Let me make love to you. I need to show you. Please.”

Eric snuggled into Lillian’s neck to watch from her perspective and waited to see what she would do. She looked at him for guidance and he kissed her in reassurance. She pulled Godric against her breast, and he pushed through her slickness in a single, firm movement, eliciting cries from them both. His technique was different from Eric’s, but had just as devastating an effect. He pulled out slowly and made her wait before thrusting hard and fast. He kept her pinned down by a wrist and held her leg down with a crooked ankle. He rode her this way for a seeming eternity, building up a coiled fire in her belly. She was out of her mind, begging him incoherently, digging her nails into Eric’s arm. He could see by the flush in her cheeks and lips that his maker had her exactly where he wanted. Finally Godric let loose, driving into her with abandon. At the last second he shoved a wrist onto Eric’s fangs, taking him down alongside them. The trinity practically crashed and drowned in a wave of pleasure. It was as if the earth itself had moved.

“This is the beginning,” she whispered.


Lillian jerked awake. She was staring directly into Godric’s blue-green irises.

“Well hello,” he said with the hint of a smile dancing across his face.

She swallowed, feeling parched and groggy. “Hi.”

“Sleep well?”

“Um, yeah.” She shoved the comforter off of her. It was oppressively hot and she felt sweaty against the sheets.

Godric laid a hand on her neck. It felt wonderfully cool, but the gesture was eerily familiar.

“I was dreaming,” she said, confirming it to herself out loud.

“I noticed.”


“You called out my name several times.”

She blushed deeply, a rose color spread across her complexion.

“Did I say anything else?”

“Yes. You said ‘this is the beginning.’ Then you woke.”


“Hmm indeed.” He raised an eyebrow and licked his bottom lip and bit it.

“I discovered we can change the future. Nothing is certain.”


“We’re doing it right now. Me saying this just changed it.”

“Ah. I see. Your dream started like this.”

She somehow managed to blush even harder than she already was. She nodded.

“And this dream…it was…nice?”

Her heart stuttered and she nodded again.

“Maybe it was just that – a nice but ordinary dream.”

She shook her head. It was just about everything but ordinary.

“Are there any other important prophetic aspects you should write down about it? I can get your notebook…”

“It’s ok. I’ll remember.”

“So you would consider it…memorable…then?” He didn’t try to hide his bemused expression.

She poked him. “Jerk! Don’t tease me.”

“My apologies.”

“In the vision…You told me it’s unnatural to be apart from your bonded.”

“I would agree with Dream Me. It is not pleasant, especially when the bond is new.”

She hesitated, unsure if she wanted to share more. “You said it made you feel needy and desperate.”

“Dream Me said this? Those exact words?”

“‘Desperate.’ You were pretty adamant about it.”

“Hmm.” He propped his head on the crook of his arm. “A vampire must master such emotions. Perhaps this Dream Godric was just trying to seduce you?”

His words sent a burning ache straight to her core. Lillian realized her underwear was soaked with her excitement.

“Oh God…” she blurted out, thinking of his super-refined senses.

“Well, I always thought the nickname came across as a bit presumptuous, but you can call me that if you really think I’ve earned it. Any reason in particular it seems…fitting…now?”

She rolled onto her back and covered her mortified face with her hands.

“What are you picking up with your vamp senses right now?” she asked, peeking through her fingers.


She nodded.

“Like you just had about five orgasms. Your blood is coursing – hypersaturated really – with all of the chemical signals that make Real Godric very, very hungry…in every way. So in a word – you smell divine.”

“If you think you can control yourself, you can have a drink.” Better to let him have it now while she was already fired up than want it when she wasn’t.

“Eric might feel left out.”

“Dream You didn’t seem too concerned about that!” She laughed, completely weirded-out by how surreal this conversation felt. It was though versions of their selves were dancing around each other spectrally, every reaction just as true and haunted by the possibility of existing given the slightest tweak upon the threads of time.

“Really? He sounds like a very bad boy. Is that how you see me, Lily?”

“I dunno. Would you really lie to me and say you felt ‘desperate’ just to get me in bed?”

“Well, I already have you in bed, so no.”

“You know what I meant!” she pinched him hard.

“C’mon now, you know I like that!” He chuckled, thoroughly charmed by her reactions to his teasing. “But no. I told you that I always want to be honest with you and I meant it.”

“So how does our bond really make you feel? You ran out on us last night before I really got to talk with you.”

Godric sighed and put an arm around her and she shifted so her head was on his chest. She traced the blue barbs of his tattooed collar with a fingertip while he thought about how to answer her. “The bond doesn’t make us feel or do anything that isn’t already part of our own personalities.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s what dreamlover said too. But that doesn’t answer my question.”

He couldn’t suppress his amusement. “Oh? What else did this dreamlover tell you?”

“Now wouldn’t you like to know! He shared quite a number of interesting things with me as a matter of fact.”

“Hm. I am feeling jealous, Lillian.”

“Well, you can hardly be jealous of yourself.”

“Sure I can, knowing that you’ve purposefully thrown off the course of events. Now I’ll never know just how you ended up so…” he nuzzled into her neck and inhaled deeply, “…riled.”

She whispered conspiratorially in his ear about how he used maker’s command. “Would that even work? Can you do that?”

She didn’t think vampires could blush, but she could have sworn in that moment that his cheeks flushed the subtlest shade of dusky rose.

Go n-ithe an diabhal an cat!” He swore in complete surprise. [May the devil eat the cat!]

“That’s…why, that’s incredibly sexy! I’ve never used the command quite like that before…” (But oh, had he used it…)

“You like?”

“Fuck Lillian, that’s…!”

“Oh, we did.”

“No, I meant…wait, yes? Do tell!”

A thought suddenly occurred to her. If she could throw off events, could she steer them back on course again by purposefully recreating their conditions of possibility? Or were they irretrievably lost to the shifting realities after the proverbial butterfly flapped its wings? They were cuddled in nearly the same way they were in the vision when he’d asked to make love to her.

“Can we try a little experiment? Why don’t have me right now?”

“You want me to have sex with you?…Right now?” He asked incredulously.

“Well, if you don’t want…”

“Shhh…” he stopped her words with a kiss. It was tentative at first, testing the waters to see if she would pull back. Not sensing any hesitation, he deepened it, flicking and sucking her tongue with his own, sending shivers down both of their spines. She pulled at his hair with urgency and moaned into his mouth, causing his fangs (and other parts) to ache unbearably.

She felt him rubbing her calf with his foot before it crept its way down to her ankle. He relished the feel of her hard nipples poking against her t-shirt and he pushed her arm over her head, restraining her gently by the wrist. He loved how she arched her back in this position, all stretched out. Sliding closer to her, lifted a knee over hers and pushed at the inside of her thigh, spreading her legs wide. Surely he would catch fire, he thought, such was his burning need for her. He’d been a madman last night, crazed by his desire for her. For a split second, he’d even considered trying to glamour himself in a mirror just to regain his sense of control and restraint before realizing what a disastrously bad idea that could be should it go wrong. Tonight wasn’t any easier, although at least he had anticipated it and was able to brace himself.

Finding that he’d managed to pin her down, Lillian smiled, knowing the test had worked. They’d found themselves right back along this alternate path, save for a few more articles of clothing and missing one big Viking yet to rise. Eric lay next to them still conked out with an adorable look on his face.

“Lovemaking,” she said out of nowhere.

Godric had to tear himself away from where he was licking delicate circles on her collarbone. “What?”

“Dream You didn’t ask to have sex with me. He wanted to make love.”

“Ah. Well that makes sense.”

“Hm. Does it?”

“Well, sure. I’m falling completely in love with you.”

“Oh good,” was all she needed to reply. She pulled him back to her mouth and kissed him passionately, driving him mad by sucking on his fangs and making them nick her lip, giving him a preview of his meal to come.

“Also…Real Me might have bent the truth a little. He’s not used to feeling like a wildly possessed, compulsive newborn vampire. That is what our bond…amplifies in me. Dream Me wasn’t wrong.”

“Needy and desperate?”

He let out a resounding sigh. “Needy and desperate. Captivated and enthralled. Thoroughly enchanted. Twenty-seven hundred freaking years and one bewitching woman sends me right back to square one. I feel like a young man again.”


The sun dipped low into the horizon, slowly releasing its death grip on Eric. His awareness began to whir into action letting consciousness creep in. The first thing that struck him about his immediate environment was the unmistakable scent of excitement – both his maker’s and Lillian’s – combined with a definite lustfulness zinging through his bonds with them. Eric also detected the tiniest trace of her blood in the air and had the creeping feeling he was being watched.

He opened his glacial blue gray eyes onto the world. Godric was sitting next to him with Lillian curled in between his legs, leaning against his chest. He had an arm draped across her shoulders and they were both staring at him, waiting for him to rise.

Eric sat up, intrigued. “Evening.”

“Hey there, sleepyhead. You’ll never guess what happened today.

“Hmmm, what’s that?”

“I’ve had the most interesting dream.”

“Have you?”


“And? Was I in it?” he asked, his curiosity peaked.

“Oh yes, you most certainly were a lead star.”

“Mmm. I like where this is going.”

“I have to say, I’m still not entirely sure you’ll be up for it.”

“Not up for it? I’m always ‘up’ for ‘it,'” he grinned.

“Ha! That’s what she said,” Godric quipped, giving a wry smile.

She expected Eric to act like an immature manboy on occasion. But Godric!? “Oh for crying out loud, you two! Maybe I’ll just go get breakfast and let you two time bandits amuse each other with dick jokes.”

Eric snorted in laughter. “Okay, okay! Seriously. Did I like it in the dream?! Cause if I liked it in your dream, then I’m game…”

She gave no reply.

“Godric? Will I like it? Did she tell you?”

Lillian bit down on her cheek in a smirk, while Godric stared at him with his head tilted slightly back, eyes unfixed, lips slightly parted, tongue resting on the point of a fang in concentration. Gods, he knew that look, though it wasn’t one he’d seen in a considerably long time. He was in pure Maker Mode. Goh was sizing him up, deciding just exactly what he was going to do to him as his Master.

It took him so completely by surprise that Eric’s eyes grew wide and he swore in shock. “Vörðr!”

Lillian had no clue what he said. It sounded to her like “verdther!” Whatever it was, it cracked Godric up. In fact, he completely lost it. Every time he was about to get a hold of himself, he would look at the expression on Eric’s face again and it would sent him back into uncontrollable peels of laughter. He actually fell over backwards onto the bed shaking in a fit and covered his face with a pillow.

Fighting to compose himself, he wiped the blood tears streaking from the corners of his eyes and huffed. “Aaaahhh…Oooooh….Phew!….Fuck a donkey, child!…Oh my gods…Hoooo…I haven’t heard you call on your watcher spirit for protection since I turned you!”

“Well, no shit! What the deuce has gotten into you two? You’ve both got the same dark glitter in your eyes and whatever is going on in our bond makes my cock and fangs want to explode. Why do I get the distinct feeling I’m about to be eaten alive?”

“Oh trust me, when you hear what your little vixen prophetess has cooked up in her visions, you’ll be begging for it. And I guarantee you’ve never tried this one before…”

“Gods!” he gasped excitedly at the prospect. “Lila? What are you going to do to me, lover?!” He pulled her to his chest playfully, a glint of deviousness in his smile.

“Well, my bonded, that is a very good question,” she whispered, taking her Viking’s face in her hands. “There are just so many wicked things that we can do in the dark.”

“What do you have in mind!?”

Lillian looked over her shoulder to Godric.

“Eric, as your maker……”


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