Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On


What would you do if you discovered the real inspiration behind the Southern Vampires Mystery books?  Young and adventurous, Dr. Lillian Choate is studying vampire fans in Louisiana when the tourist bar where she is working is attacked. She quickly learns that the bar owner – a man who claims to be none other than Eric Northman – is far more complicated than meets the eye.  As she’s drawn into this dark and dangerous new world, it’s not just her career that will be on the line.  Eric/OC/Godric, plus Pam and more!

NB: I own nothing except the research concept, Lillian, and the other original characters.



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  3. Shelley A. Danelek

    Hello Melusine10,
    I just found and finished your story Such as Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of, and I wanted to let you know that I love this story and am waiting with bated breath for more. Sincerely a Fan Shellbean

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