My Character Inspirations

Death5 - bw edit

Goðrik the Great, Lord of his House and Line, Keeper of The Grove, Time’s Shadow, the First and Last True Gael. Known to most as Godric Deathbringer, Boy Death, the Wrathful One, the Destroyer.


Eiríkr. A prince of Svealand. Warrior of the Ages. First Child in the House and Line of Goðrik the Great. Wielder of Grendl Longsword. A Slayer of Enemies. Just and Wise Sheriff of his Territory.

KJ Long4

Amleth of Cumbria. Adopted Child in the House of Goðrik. Turned by the Last King of Rome. A Tarquinii in undeath and forevermore a Goðrikson. Ambassador to the Fae. Undisputed Ruler of London.


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