CH. 29

“Motion denied,” Godric said. “Next.” Eric sat on the corner of Godric’s desk with his arms crossed. He was still wearing his track pants. He snickered at the pair of vampires in front of him. They appeared crushed. Godric raised his eyebrows. “I will not repeat myself. Leave my presence.”

Eric reached over, crumpled the form laying on the desk, and sent the ball sailing through the air into a wastebasket. “As in, get the fuck out of this Area before dawn or meet the true death. Ciao.”

“For your sakes,” Godric said, “do not let me hear that you sought refuge in Louisiana. Your Queen will not support your residency request either, and Sheriff Northman will see to it my verdict is carried out.”

“Try Florida,” Eric sneered. “I hear they tolerate vile fangless zombie filth.”

The duo left the court, not daring to glance up at Rosalyn and Amleth where they waited. Godric materialized at her side. Eric appeared a half second later. “Problem?” she said.

Eric sucked at his teeth. “We don’t do second chances.”

“Not with rapists,” Godric said under his breath.

“Ah,” she said. Godric and Eric were both staring at her. She suddenly felt self-conscious about her apparel. “Um. Am and I wanted to speak with you, Godric. Privately.”

Godric eyed his wife, then his raven-haired child. Satisfied that all seemed put to rights between them, he nodded. “Very well. Follow me.” He set off down the hallway.

Eric poked at Rosalyn through their bond. She turned around and he gestured at her head to toe. He pantomimed a heart attack, clutching his chest. ‘Gorgeous!’ he mouthed. He made a pained expression and pretended to drop to the floor.


Godric led Amleth and Rosalyn through the estate to his private wing. He sauntered in his comfortable way, the undisputed master of his realm. Following from behind, Rosalyn appreciated how the fit of his pants displayed his firm backside. Reflecting on it, Godric looked particularly delectable tonight. He wore his usual palette of muted greys and blues, but only now did she appreciate that he had dressed especially well after their lovemaking. Small details leapt out at her. His sweater was a very fine cashmere, cut in a deep V to show off his tattoo. He rarely put his markings on display. His immaculately tailored slacks were hemmed to fall slightly short. Paired with sockless loafers, there was something vaguely obscene about his shapely, bare ankles. He had been letting his hair grow too. With his wavy mess of locks brushed off his forehead and that swaggering gait, the overall impression was of a feral playboy from the Hamptons.

Godric took them through the pool room and crossed the tiled deck to a set of double doors. A wrinkle of confusion pinched over Amleth’s brow as they entered into the foyer of the sauna. “I…wanted to ask your permission to take Rosalyn out for a short drive,” he said to Godric.

“A drive,” Godric said, nonplussed.

“We won’t be longer than an hour.”

“You may,” he said, then added, “once we are done here.” Godric pulled his sweater over his head slowly. He folded the sweater and set it in a cubby. “No repeats of the last time I let you take my newborn out.”

Amleth’s eyes were glued to Godric’s exposed back. He swallowed. “I swear it.”

“Seriously, what did you and Eric do?” Rosalyn said.

Godric turned and answered for him. “Eric did not follow his maker’s orders. He abused the privilege of not being commanded to obey every little thing he was told to do. He tricked Amleth into doing what he wanted and, in the process, endangered us all.”

“He was an idiot, then,” Rosalyn said. “Tell me what you expect.”

“Do not hunt. Do not reveal yourselves. Do not leave my Area.”

Amleth inclined his head. “I swear by the old gods, Godric. She will do no such thing.”

Rosalyn bumped Amleth playfully. “I have left the estate before, you know. I’ll behave.”

“Darling, you underestimate the havoc Godric’s progeny can wreak. I, on the other hand, do not. You will obey me.”

Godric drew off his belt in a long, purposeful motion. He folded the belt over on itself with a snap. The motion immediately reminded Rosalyn of their delicious fun at sundown. She bit her smile between her lips. Godric narrowed his eyes. “It is not a game. This is not a test. Are you paying attention?” He snapped his fingers at her like he did with his underlings. Like he did with Eric.

She blinked several times. “Yes, Maker.”

“You fail me and you will not get back up until I am satisfied you understand. Listen to Amleth.”

Rosalyn’s eyes went square. He had never threatened her before. “Yes, Maker. I’ll listen to Amleth.”

“Might I offer your dear child some perspective?” Amleth said.

“By all means.” Godric said, suddenly looking his age.

“Do not think that because Godric has reformed himself in other ways that he is changed in his ideas about our family order and discipline. It took Eric over five years to get right with Godric. Eric was arrogant and, as you say, an idiot. You, madame, are neither. You’ll have no excuse. You blow it, and Eric’s dog days will be nothing by comparison. Godric will come down on you like Armageddon and I will help. Don’t waste your youth atoning because you were too proud to take orders from me.”

“Forget it,” Rosalyn said. “We’ll just stay here.”

“No,” Godric said quickly and eyed Amleth for clarifying a little too well. “Enjoy your outing. We simply want you to be safe. Okay?”

“I’ll be good.”

Godric’s lips quirked in amusement. “If I had a dollar every time someone in this family said that…” Amleth started laughing uncontrollably.

Godric slid out of his pants and wrapped his hips in a short white towel. Rosalyn hung her coat carefully on a wood hanger and turned to Amleth for help with her obi belt. Amleth hesitated to touch her. Godric gestured for him to proceed. He unfolded the fabric around Rosalyn’s waist with reverence, and when she was free, she let the silk robe fall off her shoulders into his hands. He sucked in a little gasp at the pleasing curve of her nude backside. She tucked herself in a longer pool towel, leaving her necklace gleaming on her chest.

Amleth stood looking torn as to whether he should excuse himself or ask to join. He clearly was curious to join. Godric chucked a towel at him. When Amleth set his phone on top of his folded clothes, Godric pursed his lips.

“He doesn’t want them in his part of the estate,” Rosalyn explained.

“Apologies,” Amleth said, tapping at it and turning it off.

Godric grabbed a bucket of water and a basket of bottles and stepped into the sauna. He worked slowly, fanning the coals in the sauna’s brazier until they were glowing and fragrant. Rosalyn beckoned Amleth to sit beside her on one of the cedar benches. They watched Godric measure and mix oils from his basket into the bucket, his movements purposeful. He stirred the water methodically, raising and tipping the dipper’s contents back into the swirling mixture then repeating the motions. When he ladled the water over the brazier, the coals burst into a billowy perfumed cloud. He fanned them again and added more water until the room was deliciously humid.

“Not quite the baths of old,” Godric said.

“Smells almost like them,” Amleth said, his emerald eyes bright. He leaned to Rosalyn’s ear. “Godric’s been making these same essential oils forever. He’s something of a wizard, if you ask me.”

Rosalyn inhaled lungfuls of the warm air. “Lovely.”

They sat together, steaming, for twenty minutes. The sounds of the ladle and hissing coals were the only conversation they needed. When the bucket was empty and the three vampires had been purified by the moist heat and the aromas, Godric spoke. “I owe you an apology,” he said.

Amleth furrowed his brow and looked at Rosalyn. “He’s talking to you, Am,” she said, watching her maker.

Amleth looked back to Godric, his confusion plain. “What’s this?”

He stared at Amleth with turbulent, sea-grey eyes. “My apologies to you pile up, don’t they? One after the next. Piles of words like a monument to my foolishness.” Amleth’s lips parted in astonishment, but nothing came out. “I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I hope for it.” A pained, heartsick look crossed Godric’s features. He averted his gaze to the cedar planked floor. “You always support me.”

“Always,” Amleth said in a passionate rush. He fell to his knees before Godric and placed his hands over Godric’s feet. “Whatever is wrong, Godric, forget it. We’ve no quarrel.”

“Your faith in me is unshakeable. I never have to convince you. You are simply there – “

“-Here,” Amleth said speaking over Godric. “Always here. Always.”

Godric reached down and pulled the hair tie from the knot on top of Amleth’s head. His raven hair fell around his face in shining inked waves. Godric laid his palm on the crown of Amleth’s head and stroked his face. “My beautiful, incandescent Amleth. My heart’s whisper. My firstborn.”

Gooseflesh prickled over Rosalyn’s skin. If she had ever wondered how Christ’s disciples gazed at their messiah, she need not look further. Tears of desperate joy streamed down Amleth’s face.

“I apologize, beloved child. I forgot to seek your guidance. I forgot to seek your blessing before I turned Rosalyn. I took your support for granted when I brought her to my side.”

“That’s absurd, Father. You had to act quickly before we were dealt another great loss. Had we lost Ros, gods forbid it, or you…that monster -“

“Excuses, Amla.”

“Reasons,” he countered.

“Irrelevant. I do not accept them,” Godric said, his voice cracking.

“You allowed me to witness Rosalyn’s Awakening,” Amleth said. “To witness your pledging! You allowed me to taste Ros first. Me, before all others! I still cannot believe the honor-“

“‘Allowed’?” Godric said sharply and Amleth and Rosalyn jumped. He stood, fists balled at his side. “You speak of ‘allowed’?! I’ll hear no more of it! It is your birthright!” he thundered. Godric savagely bit the flesh of his hand and squeezed his fist hard over Amleth’s head. Blood streamed over his hair and down his face. Amleth stared up at him, wide-eyed. “Get off your knees. No child of my House bends the knee when we are alone.”

Amleth rose, his anointed head dripping down his back, dotting the floor with blood. The flare of Godric’s power in the confines of the tiny room was nearly unbearable. Rosalyn did not know how long it had been since Amleth had taken Godric’s blood. The fact that he stood up and faced the unstoppable ancient – unbonded to him and seven centuries his junior – was beyond the pale of comprehension. She could not fathom doing it herself. As it was, she was frozen with her shoulders scrunched protectively over her neck. Amleth did not flinch. He met Godric’s challenging stare with his own steely gaze.

“How may I serve you, Great Lord?” he said through fearsome dropped fangs, undeterred by the Boy Death. His voice burned with determination.

A proud, malicious smile slithered over Godric’s lips and he looked past Amleth to Rosalyn. “And that, Ros, is why Amleth of Cumbria is the most dangerous vampire I know.” Chills rose on her skin once more. Godric ran a tongue over his teeth. He dragged a finger through the rivulet of blood on Amleth’s cheek. “He is not the oldest.” He sucked the drip off his finger. “Not the most powerful.” He wiped at Amleth’s chest and licked the smear. “Doesn’t sit upon a throne.”

Godric tipped his head thoughtfully to one side and took Amleth’s cheeks in his hands. “But he lives with the most conviction. He burns like a black rainbow whose colors we cannot see. He moves as dark matter does, composing all the creatures in the night. They don’t even know who he is or what he does, but he is everywhere.”

Defiant tears streaked down Amleth’s face. “Like Death.”

Godric gave another frightening smile. “You are mine,” he said and pressed his bloodied fingers to Amleth’s lips. Godric closed his eyes as the bond took shape. He dropped his head back, exposing his throat. Amleth stifled a shocked cry against the back of his wrist. “Accept my penance, child. You have waited for it too long.”

“I wouldn’t dare,” Amleth said. “Not there.”

Godric lowered his chin. “I abandoned you, Amleth, when you needed me most. I’ve been failing you for nearly two hundred years, to say nothing of all that came before. Drink, beloved child, as only you among my children can. Tell me why you will.”

Another stream of tears escaped Amleth’s pinched eyelids. “Because,” he choked out, “it is my birthright.” Godric folded him into his arms. Amleth closed his mouth over Godric’s throat, breathed an oath in Old Gaelic, and bit.


It could not have taken very long. Godric healed so quickly. Yet Rosalyn had no idea of how much time had passed. Amleth drank and released her maker and Godric pressed him to feed again. They bickered and Amleth relented. Then it was Godric sweeping Amleth into his arms. Godric who was looking at her and saying mischievous things about wanting to see him feed. It was his deadly kiss and his predator’s embrace ravishing the hollow of Amleth’s neck.

She had known when she asked Godric to bond with Amleth that it was a long shot. She had expected he would flat-out refuse. Being privy to their blood tie was beautiful.

But ‘beautiful’ was too small a word for the miracle that transpired. Their exchange in the sauna had the distinct overtones of a religious epiphany. Rosalyn watched as a great reckoning was made in a relationship whose years spanned millennia. It left her breathless.

Even with her preternatural mind, she had not grasped how damaged things were between Godric and Amleth. When she proposed to Godric that he might rekindle his tie, he treated it with the same neutral consideration as when she had suggested he patch matters with the Viking. With Eric, Godric had apologized and it was done. A wink and a slap on the shoulder, and they were all smiles.

Rosalyn should have listened more carefully. Vampires spoke precisely, Godric above all. He and Amleth’s connection was forged in a wound. It was defined by it. Unwittingly, she had rubbed their faces in Amleth’s adoption, then casually proposed Godric fix things as though it was as simple as watering a neglected plant. But blood was not water. It was everything to their kind. And Godric’s blood – and his refusal to share it – was at the heart of their shared pain. Tonight was a reckoning that had been centuries in the making.

Rosalyn was half in downtime as she dressed. Half lost in her own head as she and Amleth left the estate. In a daze, she looked down at her special clothes and understood at last what Pamela had nearly pulled her hair out trying to explain. Everyone had to live with the vivid memories of their encounters for a very long time, for better or worse. A slip-up or an offense given could never be forgotten. One didn’t dress with the past in mind. One dressed to create a pleasing memory which would have an infinite future.

Godric had given Amleth more than his blood. He had given him an artfully composed memory of it. He had turned the night into a stunning piece of theatre, from his clothes and speech, to their ceremonial purification, to Amleth’s baptism in the blood. Creatures of sense and recall, they would cherish and relive this experience again and again. And there were hours yet until the night was over.

Amleth was saying something to her while he stroked her knee. He was rubbing his scent into the black silk of her dress with a thumb. “What?” Rosalyn said, regaining awareness of her surroundings. They were in a sports car with Amleth at the wheel.

Amleth glanced at her and smirked. “Welcome back, darling. I wasn’t sure if you were going to snap out of it before the surprise.” He ground the gears of Eric’s Audi and flew over a speedbump. The car bottomed-out and the engine gagged, then roared.

Rosalyn grunted and braced herself against the dashboard. “Eric’s going to kill you if you screw up this car!”

He grinned, fox-like. “Oh, did I not mention? I’m an absolute shit driver. No one bloody drives in London. They never have.”

The car made another awful sound as he rammed it back into third. “Should I take over?” she said.

“Wrecking Eric’s things is an important part of being his sibling. You’ll see.”

“That’s terrible advice!” Rosalyn laughed.

“How else would he come up with excuses to buy new stuff? Besides. I’m the better banker. Without me, he wouldn’t have the first clue how to access all of his accounts.”

“You’re going to -” Rosalyn waved at another speedbump. Amleth took it hard. “Stop the car. Amleth? Stop and switch with me. Seriously. You’re high.”

“I might be a little under the influence. Godric’s blood is…”

“Yeah, I know. Pull over and get out.”

“Oh, come on. One more?” He slammed over the next speedbump and laughed like a maniac.

“Pull over now!” They traded on the side of the road and Rosalyn jerkily pulled away. She hadn’t driven stick in ages, and certainly never a testy performance vehicle. “You okay?” she said.

“Beyond okay,” Amleth sighed happily and leaned against the window. He might have been slightly high on ancient vampire, but he was watchful, just as Eric had been on their outing at the mall. His eyes flicked shiftily from the road to the side mirror. “If I’m being honest, I didn’t get the fascination with you. I was grateful for you, of course. But…” He reached over and ghosted his fingertips over her arm. “I see your magic now.”

“Tonight was all Godric’s doing.”

Amleth snorted. “Yeah, about that. No.” Rosalyn shrugged helplessly. “Eric has been worried that you were drawing Godric’s attention to everyone. He is right that you have been. He couldn’t be more wrong in thinking that it’s a problem.”

“Why would Eric not want me to encourage Godric to pay attention to his family? He lives for Godric’s attention. So do you, if we’re being honest.”

Amleth chuckled. “Not his displeasure.”

“Crap. Right. Godric goes totally overboard, doesn’t he? I can’t even believe he threatened me.”

“Darling, that was Godric being extremely polite about a gravely serious matter. Besides, you have it backwards. Godric is an unparalleled guide and teacher. If you’re intimidated by the scale of his lessons, it’s only because there is so much to learn.”

“You and Eric get the same doe-eyed look on your faces and go all vague zen-philosopher when you talk about his teaching.”

“Because, little one, he has, without exception, been right.”

“He wasn’t right when he fucked off to god knows where and ditched you.”

Amleth let out a surprised laugh. “You may have a case. Do you know what Godric thought was so important that he dragged me off to the suburbs…that night? Glamouring a human. For our ‘security’! We would have been at the Council were it not for him.”

“He makes mistakes, Amleth. I realize that’s not the popular opinion around here, but it’s true. He just apologized for one of his biggest screw-ups. Accept it.” Amleth looked down at his folded hands. “And please don’t call me ‘little one’,” she said.

“Yes, madame. Forgive me.”

“Always, dingbat.”

“That’s Sheriff Dingbat Tarquinii of Cumbria to you,” Amleth said and they laughed themselves sick.

Amleth continued to scan the road. “Get in the right lane and let that silver Toyota pass,” he said suddenly. Headlights crawled in sideways angles over the Audi’s glossy dash as the car sped by. He declared it nothing and gave her directions to make a left at the next light.

When she had taken the turn, he spoke again. “You brought love and laughter back into this family.”

“You’ve all been shell-shocked since…that loss.”

“Losses,” he corrected. “Almost everything was taken from me that night. In less than a second, a drop, really, in an ocean of time. Gone. There is no coming to terms with how little can destroy so much.”

“Believe it or not, I know how you feel.”

He smiled bitterly. “Loss is the great risk of living.”

Rosalyn fell silent for a long moment. “My mom’s cancer took its time. I had months to brace myself, and still…”

“And still,” he said. He took her hand. He did not say more. Perhaps like Eric, he had done his homework on her. Perhaps it was vampire politeness. Either way, she appreciated his reserve.”Thank you, Ros, for making this night possible, and for making it so special. I’ll never forget that tonight, of all nights, you dressed for me. You look absolutely ravishing. You have no idea, do you?”

“Pam got the clothes.”

He made a sound of derision. “I see your confident hand in every item you chose. I turned my children and moved to Edo about the time this dress was made. Not long after…”

“That night,” she said.

He cleared his throat. “Perhaps you did not know?”

“No. Like I said, Pam picked-“

“Pam would have gone over the top. She would have styled your hair in period fashion, which would have been horribly gauche.”

“Oh my god, right?” Rosalyn said, lighting up.

“Your love of this particular outfit is what shines. I was surprised you would know anything about formal Japanese dress.”

“Just from museums. I started going a lot after…”

He nodded thoughtfully. “When you began to appreciate what survives the ravages of time. You were drawn to the costumes and wondered what it would be like to try on a different life.” He squeezed her hand. “It’s little wonder that you chose the oldest among us to dust off and shine up.”

“Godric chose me too.”

“Let your Awakening gift be a reminder. I chose you, too.” Amleth smiled. Rosalyn was unsure of what to say, so she said nothing. Amleth checked the mirrors and had her take another left. “Soon, our world will be introduced to you. They won’t understand when they see you. They will see a pretty girl in a pretty dress at a pretty party. They’ll clap and raise their glasses and be secretly jealous.”

“What will you see?” She was not certain she wanted to know.

Amleth’s smile grew. “A sweet potato.”


He laughed. “You’ll look completely innocuous standing next to an ancient. A garden vegetable among those who fancy themselves kings and queens. But I’ll know better. I know the sweet potato’s secret.”

“I pair well with butter?”

Amleth snorted in laughter. “Oh, dearest, darling. I’d never dream of mistaking you for a snack, however much I might hunger for you.” He cast a scorching look at her that made her skin flush.

“What then?”

“I’ll see the wife of a god – the woman that commands Death. You, Rosalyn, are an incomparably powerful creature. Your worth is beyond measure. Don’t ever let me lose your favor. Remind me again and again, if you must.”

“A glutton for punishment, are you?” she said and he bit his lip.

“You’re playing with fire.”

“Eric already warned me.”

Amleth covered his smirk with two fingers. “Then you’ll accept the smallest token of my appreciation. Turn here.”

He directed her to turn into an upscale gated neighborhood. She realized that they had not, in fact, gone far. The neighborhood was situated directly north of Godric’s estate. They had essentially driven in a huge circle. Amleth gave her a key card. She tapped in and the guard waved them through. Beyond the gate, she followed a series of winding lanes until they pulled into the driveway of a sleek modern ranch house.

Rosalyn got out, nearly forgetting to pull the parking brake on the Audi. The angled driveway would have sent it rolling into the neighbor’s ditch. If she managed to not completely trash Eric’s car by the end of the night, it would be a miracle. They were already going to catch hell for what Amleth did to the undercarriage.

Amleth handed her the envelope from his jacket. “The title and keys are inside.”

“What?” Rosalyn gasped and looked at the house. “No!”

“A wedding gift. I know you won’t be in Dallas much longer, but you don’t have to spend your days in that horrid estate. Come, let me show you inside.”


Godric heard the human working up his courage to enter the staff hallway.

“Godric?” Michael called out timidly.

Godric closed his laptop with a fingertip. He did not know why he was entertaining even the pretense of working. The rush of Amleth’s blood and the pleasure of the bond singing between them was the only thing he had on his mind. Amleth’s emotions swayed wildly from giddy to brooding and back. It would take time to relearn Amla’s mercurial moods and accustom himself to having him rattling around in his head. “Magpie,” Godric said fondly. He chided himself. He had forgotten to call Amla ‘his magpie’ tonight as he had in times bygone.

“Um. Godric?” the boy called again.

Godric supposed he might free a little of his attention to entertain the human. “In here,” he said. Michael tiptoed down the forbidden hallway, his breath raspy and his heartbeat louder. He found Godric in the library. “You weren’t needed tonight. Didn’t you get Isabelle’s message?”

Michael fidgeted uncomfortably. “Yeah.”

Perhaps it was the heady drought of Old World, Fae-tainted vampire blood making him feel exceptionally ornery. Maybe it was having his wife spank his bare behind and ride him into oblivion. Either way, Godric was rather charmed by the boy. “But you came anyway?”

“Yeah. Sorry.”

He leaned back and spread his knees slightly. “Did you come because you wanted me?” he said in a low voice.

“Yeah.” A blush creeped up Michael’s neck.

Godric licked his lower lip, sucking it between his teeth. “Come here then.” Michael came to the desk, hands shoved stiffly in the pockets of his jeans. Godric motioned him closer and bid him to sit on the edge of the desk in front of his chair. It was completely inappropriate – the kind of thing he had fantasized Rosalyn might have done to him.

Godric pivoted his desk chair, caging Michael between his knees. “What were you hoping to get from me?”

Michael’s blush rose, burnishing his cheeks in red. “Nnnnothing. Sir.”

Godric placed a hand on Michael’s knee. “Please. Godric will suffice. We don’t need titles here.” He waited a beat, quirking an eyebrow. “You are in my private rooms, after all.”

“I’m so sorry. I know the sign says no trespassing -“

“Why is that, do you think?”


“Humans might get nipped.” He squeezed Michael’s knee and the boy squeaked. Godric let out a low, breathy laugh. “Did you think I might feed from you?”

“No, err, I…”

“Did you want me to, Michael? It’s okay. You can tell me.”

“I…You can, if you like. Of course.”

“Oh, I’m certain I can. I’m quite certain I would like, too. That would be very naughty of me though.” Godric knew he ought to stop teasing the boy. He knew he was getting carried away. Michael’s heart rate was out of control. He trembled like a panicked bunny. Godric decided he rather enjoyed his little jackrabbit.

“You’re a clever little hare, aren’t you? Coming here offering forbidden fruit.”


“The hare – he’s a trickster in many tales. Would you like to make things a little tricky with me?”

“No!” Michael said. His pores bloomed with panic.

Godric immediately dropped his hand and sat up. That was not an anxious reaction. It was fear. He furrowed his brow. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m not being tricky! I’m honest or my mother forgets my name!”

Godric jerked his chair backwards. That was his glamour speaking. “Tell me. Immediately.”

Michael sagged on the edge of the desk in relief. “I…I don’t know if it’s anything.”


“Yesterday, in the media room. Isabelle’s donor.”

“Hugo,” Godric said tersely.

“He was showing off for Sookie. Talking macho, you know. Hitting on her. She’s kinda hot, I guess, but like, a little pushy?”

“Irrelevant. What about the human?”

“Maybe it’s nothing but it’s been bugging me all day, Sir. I need to tell you just in case.”

“What did Hugo say, Michael?”

“I mean, it’s probably stupid and I’m just psyching myself up.”

Godric was about to crawl out of his own skin. “Tell me now, damn you!”

“He said he could take Sookie to see humans celebrate your wedding. He said there would be fireworks like she’d never seen.” Alarm screamed in Godric’s ears and the edges of his vision went white. “I mean, everyone around here knows what’s going on. But Eric said there would be a big announcement. You haven’t made one yet, have you? Nobody else knows…”

Godric had half a reply formed in his mouth when a deep thud vibrated the house. The chandeliers in the library rattled, sending some of their delicate crystals shattering on the floor.

Michael ducked, an arm over his head. “Earthquake!” he said in shock. The lights flickered. Godric did not try to correct him. He was mid-air when the second explosion struck.

A/N: Remember when Pam said being vampire is “a knives-out, blood opera kind of gig too”? She warned you. I know. I’m evil for the cliffhanger. :F

Leave your reactions/hypotheses/threats about me updating quickly in the comment box below. Reviewers get locked in the sauna with one very ornery Godric. Love to you all! xx, Melusine


  1. femmecreatif

    Just started reading the chapter – haven’t even finished yet, but I just love your phrase “feral playboy from the Hamptons!” Almost lost my mouth full of coffee!!!

    • melusine10

      Teehee, I had fun imagining him like that! And also, what is the deal with that Eastern seabord prep boy look with exposed ankles?…It’s got a bit of ‘sailing on the Amalfi Coast with Tumi luggage’ look…*fans self*…how can male ankles be arousing? But like, they can and I feel very Victorian about this?

  2. teachert99

    Right, so I’m having a hard time getting past the description of Godric wearing a deep V-neck that shows off his tattoos. And his obscene ankles. And his gorgeous wavy hair. And the well-fitting pants. The whole thing is just swimming around my head. Yum, yum, mmm. So fucking sexy. ❤

    Godric’s apology to Amleth was so beautiful to witness– and fierce! Amla humbling himself at the foot of Godric- yet Godric’s words (my heart’s whisper! my firstborn!), his blessing/baptism, and the renewal of their bond… it was so personal and so intimate. How do you write this stuff, Melusine? I have LOVED these recent chapters.

    Now, missy, I can’t believe you left us with a cliffhanger! Oh my goodness! How do I get through the next few days/weeks (please don’t make us wait long, please please)? Pins and needles! I was wondering what was going on with Godric’s antics toward Micheal when the glamour was triggered (wow, that was brilliant, btw). Can’t wait for the next chapter. 🙂

  3. mom2goalies

    We start with an extremely beautiful sauna scene and end with a cliffhanger? Sitting on the edge of my seat until you share the next update!

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