True Blood


Into the Mystic

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Summary: Surrounded by people but feeling alone at the AVL’s annual gala, Godric finds himself taking a strange and unexpected hike into the desert. This story is sensual, sweet, and uplifting.

Characters: Godric/ OC (Rosalyn). Plus Eric, Pam, and more!

Chapters: 23+; 100,000+ words [WIP]

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On


Summary: If only the Great Reveal had happened and the Sookie Stackhouse novels were more than fantasy. Lillian is studying vampire fans in Louisiana when the tourist bar where she’s working is attacked. She quickly learns that the bar owner – a man who claims to be Eric Northman – is far more complicated than meets the eye. As she’s drawn into this dark and dangerous new world, it’s not just her career that will be on the line…

Characters: Eric/OC (Lillian)/Godric. Plus Pam and more!

Chapters: 29/29; 145,000+ words [COMPLETE]

Rune Songs: The Collected Short Stories of Eric Northman

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Summary: Upon his maker’s urging, Eric Northman has kept a diary from his earliest days. Ever wonder about his turning? What he did in his first years as a young vampire? Curl up and read his recollections. Historical fiction.

Characters: Eric/Godric and more!

Chapters: 13/13; 61,000+ words [COMPLETE-ish; this story is episodic and I may occasionally add more]



The Gift 

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Summary: Written for the 2013 Sookie’s Secret Santa Fic Swap. Eric overhears Sookie gossiping to Pam about Merlotte’s annual Secret Santa. Not one to be outdone, he decides Fangtasia should host a holiday party as well. But what to get Sookie?

Characters: Eric/Sookie

The Promise

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Summary: An out-take from “Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On” in which Lillian has some very strong opinions about the Season Six finale of “True Blood” and Eric and Godric share how they plan to handle it. 

Characters: Eric/Lillian/Godric

The Promotion

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Summary: Sookie is going nowhere fast in the two-stoplight town of Bon Temps. She knows she is capable of so much more, so she takes a leap and trades in her bar apron for a calculator. Soon her new desk job in Dallas lands her smack in the middle of a case of corporate fraud. Sookie’s clever accounting  skills bring her much-deserved praise, but that isn’t the only ability her boss notices.

Rated: T for language

Characters: Sookie, Godric, Eric, Niall Brigant, Isabel Beaumont

Chapters: 1/1 [COMPLETE]


Loki & Godric

Blood & Smoke

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Summary: Unbeknownst to Eric, Godric encountered the Norse God of Mischief one night not long after he was turned. Godric and the god may have struck a deal, but will Loki honor it? And what trouble will it bring?