Loki-verse (Marvel)

The Man in Green


Summary: Loki is befriended by a young girl immediately following his failed attempt to enslave Earth. He continues to visit her in his projected form, helping her through the rough and tumble trials of growing up. Loki has always been Norah’s hero, but when she learns his true whereabouts, will she save him as well? Begins post-Avengers but quickly moves post-Thor: Dark World.




Summary: One-shot. Loki uses his unique “skills” to help Sif deal with her unrequited love for Thor. Accepting Loki’s aid puts her into his debt, but will the God of Mischief get more out of their deal than he expects? Quirky Loki/Sif pairing with Thor projections.


Loki & Godric

Blood & Smoke

BloodandSmokeBanner - FINAL

Summary: Unbeknownst to Eric, Godric encountered the Norse God of Mischief one night not long after he was turned. Godric and the god may have struck a deal, but will Loki honor it? And what trouble will it bring?