Breaking the Waves

Ajvazovskij, Between the Waves (1898)

Aivazovsky 1898

Summary: Will survives the fall, only to wake and discover Hannibal is nowhere to be found. He isn’t convinced he needs to move on, but while he waits, Will decides it is high time to stop hiding behind rumpled clothes and slipping glasses. Can he trust Hannibal to return to him? Could they ever trust each other after all their misdirection and manipulation? Hannibal/Will. Plot, fluff, and smut.

Characters: Hannibal Lecter/ Will Graham. Plus Bedelia Du Maurier, Alana Bloom, Jack Crawford.

Excerpt: They hit the punishing wall of water together, breaking the waves and slipping down into the inky abyss. The cold hits moments later and slices them into gory ribbons. Hannibal’s hand goes slack in his and Will frantically clutches it. He cannot let go. It is his only thought. His arm reaches for the rest of the man, but there is nothing but a void and noise. Bubbles everywhere and none to breathe. A rush of seawater scalds his lungs; Hannibal’s name is a drowned scream in his throat. The Atlantic pulls them in every direction, pulls them apart, rushes them together…From deep within, Will summons a matchless, bottomless outrage. He survives. This is his design.


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