Breaking the Waves

Summary: Will survives the fall, only to wake and discover Hannibal is nowhere to be found. He isn’t convinced he needs to move on, but while he waits, Will decides it is high time to stop hiding behind rumpled clothes and slipping glasses. Can he trust Hannibal to return to him? Could they ever trust each other after all their misdirection and manipulation? Hannibal/Will. Plot, fluff, and smut.

Characters: Hannibal Lecter/ Will Graham. Plus Bedelia Du Maurier, Alana Bloom, Jack Crawford

Chapters: 3/3 [COMPLETE]

Excerpt: “They hit the punishing wall of water together, breaking the waves and slipping down into the inky abyss. The cold hits moments later and slices them into gory ribbons. Hannibal’s hand goes slack in his and Will frantically clutches it. He cannot let go. It is his only thought. His arm reaches for the rest of the man, but there is nothing but a void and noise. Bubbles everywhere and none to breathe. A rush of seawater scalds his lungs; Hannibal’s name is a drowned scream in his throat. The Atlantic pulls them in every direction, pulls them apart, rushes them together…From deep within, Will summons a matchless, bottomless outrage. He survives. This is his design.”



The Chronograph

Summary: A sequel to “Breaking the Waves” (it’s not necessary to have read the latter). Will takes charge and Hannibal has to deal with his newly realized murder husband’s determination to have his way in Spain.

Characters: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter

Chapters: 1/1 [COMPLETE]


Hannibal haughtily pushed a stray bit of hair behind his ear. “I do understand, however, why you are so upset. Your youth was shadowed by grinding poverty, abandonment, and the rot of fetid bayous.”

“Takes one to know one,” Will said through clenched teeth. Lost starving orphan, he wanted to say. Will would have kicked him over in his chair if they weren’t in public and then he probably would have done something terribly regrettable with his blunt dinner knife.

Thank god they were in public.





Wounds We Leave in the Sea

Summary: An antidote for the “HeAteUs” and the lovesick cannibal, written for the #ItsStillBeautiful challenge on the one-year anniversary airing of TWOTL (‘The Wrath of the Lamb’) series “finale.” A story in which William ‘Wing-It-With-Indecision’ Graham actually planned the fall – and he and Hannibal’s survival – with malice and forethought. Featuring: medical intimacy, Graham cracker wrath, and two murderous idiots in love. Told from a very hurt Hannibal’s point of view.

Characters: Hannibal Lecter/ Will Graham, plus a very salty Bedelia Du Maurier.

Chapters: 2/2 [COMPLETE]


“Dahlias are the August birth flower. Are we celebrating a birth day?”

“Oh yes,” Will said. “Ours. We were reborn this month. Born properly at last – together. Baptized by blood in the womb of the sea.”

Hannibal smiled at the whimsy in Will’s words. “Some would say you have selected a controversial color.”
“Such a deep crimson it almost looks black.”

“Black dahlias for the dragon’s blood we were born in.” Hannibal stroked the miniature knife blade petals on one of the blossoms. “Black dahlias also symbolize betrayal, Will.”




My Lying Love

Summary: Written for Hannigram Day. Here’s a smutty piece for your enjoyment. Will has cabin fever and he and Hannibal invent a game called “A Truth and A Lie.” They lose track of the score…

Characters: Will Graham/ Hannibal Lecter

Chapters: 1/1 [COMPLETE]


“My turn,” Will said. He took a deep breath and he pursed his lips in thought. “I sometimes jack off while touching the scar on my stomach.”
“Oh Will. That is too easy.”
“No it isn’t.”
“Of course it is…”


Alchemical Marriage

Summary: Hannibal and Will are only elements undergoing change to fuel each other’s radiance. An AU set circa S02E07 Yakimono. Will is released from the BSHCI and discovers that Hannibal has hired a new intern and taken up with Alana Bloom while he was wrongfully incarcerated. Hannibal is encouraged by Will’s jealousy. Whiskey, hors d’oeuvres, and a less than orthodox Balinese massage ensue. Fluffy word porn with a dash of impressionistic smut.

Characters: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter. Plus an OC [Antonia], Alana  Bloom, and Mrs. Komeda

Chapters: 4/4 [COMPLETE]



Summary: Will Graham has just killed Randall Tier and is driving to Dr. Lecter’s house. He is struggling to figure out who he’s allied with – his boss or his psychiatrist. Ultimately, when he arrives in Baltimore, Hannibal is more than a little persuasive. The story takes place during the events of the Shiizakana, Naka-Choko, and Ko No Mono episodes of Season 2. It is composed of a series of intimate scenes not seen on the show, that occur in between takes, which give a very different explanation for just what was happening between Will and Hannibal.

Characters: Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Randall Tier, Jack Crawford, Freddy Lounds




Baltimore Police Vehicle No. 520

Summary: Following Dolarhyde’s attack on Hannibal’s convoy, Hannibal commandeers a police car and he and Will have time to finally talk. Hannibal makes a rather unexpected confession to Will as they drive to Hannibal’s secret beach house.

Characters: Will Graham/ Hannibal Lecter

A Slippery Life

Summary: Linda Graham knew at once. Her baby had inherited it. The cruel gift she had tried her whole life to hide. The one that made intimacy so impossible. The one that made her a fantastic criminal attorney and a terrible girlfriend. The baby at her side picked up on her sudden distress and began crying again. Oh god.

Characters: Baby Will Graham, Will Graham’s OC mother [Linda] , Will Graham’s OC father [Will, Sr.]