Melusine10 has long been a fan of vampire mythology and supernatural fiction.  In 2013, she began writing fan fiction for the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood series. She has also written pieces within the Thor/Avengers  and Hannibal fandoms.


  1. Alison Griffiths

    Hi there, when you say these stories are the un redacted versions of the ffnet ones, does that mean every chapter is different or only certain parts? I ask because they seem to be of the same length. Thanks.

    • melusine10

      Hi! At present, the chapters for both my stories are the same on WP as what can be found on FF. I started the WP out of fear that I’d lose my FF account to pointless censorship, but thankfully nothing has been removed thus far. Thanks for reading!

    • melusine10

      Hi Starrcuff! Thanks for reading. I cannot make promises about updates, but I can tell you the next few months are going to probably be too busy for an ITM update. It’s my baby and I want the ending to be just right, so that you still feel sucked in to the very end! Thanks for your patience 😉

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