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Welcome to Melusine10’s Fanfiction! 

Here you’ll find vampires, gods, and gothic romance. I first began writing in the True Blood fandom, then dabbled in the Marvel scene with Loki, and more recently contributed to the Hannibal and Outlander fandoms.

New to the site? Helpful thoughts for navigating:

  • Rated M. All of my stories contain adult themes and language typical of their respective canons – in other words, you’ll find the sexuality, strong language, violence, etc. that you would have encountered in the original sources without the constraints of censors. There are no “trigger” warnings, as I don’t use non-con/underage/etc. Expect explicit and graphic, but never gratuitous.
  • Expect strong original characters, especially women. New characters abound throughout my stories. I own them, all rights and privileges reserved. Of course, I do not own or profit in any way from the canon source material used herein.

Not sure what you’re looking for?


  • Into the Mystic (True Blood – Godric/OC (Rosalyn) is currently one of the most reviewed/followed active Godric stories on fanfiction.net. It is 3/4 done.
  • Rune Songs: The Collected Works of Eric Northman (True Blood -Eric/Godric) is an historical fiction that informs both Such Stuff and ITM. It’s not necessary reading to understand the contemporary stories, but it contains lots of fun episodic adventures, historical details, and is very much a character study. The OCs (especially Amleth <3) have overflowed into ITM.
  • The Promotion is a short story, pre-reveal, where Sookie works as an accountant in Dallas for a certain Mr. Godfrey.


  • Loki. Need I say more? Both The Man in Green (Loki and OC Norah) and Blood and Smoke (Godric and Loki) are hilarious to write and these are hopefully fun reads. They’re also (sorry!) on hiatus until ITM is done. Note that these aren’t romances – there’s only a slight hint of it b/t Lokester and Norah, while Godric and he are frenemies.

  • LOKI and GODRIC!! C’mon people! God of Mischief + Mischievous Vampire? What could possibly go wrong?!  It’s not just a rarepair!, it’s the first crossover with these two out there to my knowledge. I had so much fun writing Blood and Smoke and I want to finish it but I need interested readers. Hence revamping this website for better navigation. Crossovers can be hard to find in huge fandoms that prefer different online platforms.


  • Hannigram (Hannibal/Will Graham) is canon. If the showrunner says it, the actors say it, and the rights holder says it, it’s true. Oddly, my Hannibal fics are the most canon things I’ve written. It’s a beautiful and incredibly accomplished fandom that’s really pushed me to improve as a writer.


Dreamwalker is a short story that explores Jamie’s ability to “see” across time in his dreams.


Please leave comments if you have a moment!



  1. VictoryInTrouble

    I wanted to leave you some love per Eric’s instructions. I hope you already know that I love your work and am glad to see that you’re continuing your wonderful stories. 🙂

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